Ghislan Sutherland-Timm (Je-iz-lan/Jess-lin) (they/she) is a multidisciplinary craftsman and amateur media archivist based in Tkaronto/Toronto. 

As part of the queer Black Canadian diaspora, their artistic practice is influenced by their ancestral ties and reconnection to their Afro-Vincentian heritage and Carib (Island Carib/Kalinago) roots. In this process of activation, they seek to merge their identities alongside their English and Scottish (Clan Sutherland) ancestry in understanding fragmentations of their multicultural identity hosted within embodying living entities, memories, and land formations. Their work is also ignited by the ephemerality and tactility of sound and film. In creating "incomplete complete" works, collage-making across diverse mediums is frequently utilized within their practice to shape autobiographical-fictional narratives and subjects of ambiguous beings. Through this intersection Sutherland-Timm navigates unraveling the mythologies and romanticization of home and homecoming. 

Previous works of Sutherland-Timm's has been featured at InterAccess (2024), Xpace Cultural Centre (2024), ArtSpace Gallery (2023), Images Festival (2023), PITCH Magazine Issue 4 (2023) & Issue 2 (2021), RBC  Commission Career Launcher OCAD U x RBC (2022), InsideOut 2SLGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival (2022), Toronto Queer Film Festival (TQFF) (2022), and Nia Centre for the Arts in collaboration with McMaster Museum of Art (2021).

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