In the change of time (c. 2023, installation) 

"In the change of time" (c. 2023) is a two-channel film performance exploring sonic chance and happenings occurring when collaged films are looped onto two projectors. This work is influenced the audiovisual performances of Zephyr (c. 2013 - ) by filmmaker Sylvain Chaussée and composer Adrian Gordon Cook and composer John Cage’s 4’33” (c. 1957) work. "In the change of time" contends with how control in film is obsolete. Film is susceptible to the condition of the environment including the human body, the climate, and the materials. Despite meticulous curation and manipulation of the overall work, "In the change of time" proposes that you must allow chance to happen. As an ephemeral work within each performance, to unthread the film loops from the projectors, I cut a frame. In theatrics of this finishing there is an act of disappearance slowly occurring within each performance. Despite the appeal to the tactility of film, In the change of time nothing can be hold on to.

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